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Join Merchant Navy After 10th or ITI Course

People often ask me if they can join merchant navy in India after 10th. Yes folks, its very much possible to do so. But you may not join as an officer, you have to join merchant navy as GP Ratings (General Purpose Rating). Lets see what are the jobs of GP Rating on ship, their eligibility criteria , selection process and how can they achieve the rank of officer later on after gaining some experience.

Work Of GP Rating:

They assist the officers on various jobs of shipping. They are trained specially to carry out necessary tasks in order to surf the ocean safely and effectively. Their training includes fire prevention, sea survival skills and other helpful tasks. Majority of these courses are now made mandatory for everyone on the ship. There are two types of ratings-

Steer the ship and assist the deck officer in other navigational duties. In port, they secure the ship to the dock, carry out maintenance and contribute to the security of the vessel.

Maintain shipboard machinery. They carry out routine oiling, greasing and servicing, and strip, repair and fit equipment parts. Experienced ratings help the engineering officers to monitor the main plant and other equipment to make sure it is run safely.

Eligibility Criteria:

You must have passed 10th with at least 40%.
You must have passed 2 year I.T.I course from Govt. approved Institute with minimum 50% marks in final year.

40% marks in ENGLISH is required in either 10th or 12th.

Selection Procedure:

As per the Directorate General of Shipping, Training Branch Circular no. 3 of 2013, dated 13.02.2013, there will be no COMMON ENTRANCE TEST (CET) WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, TILL FURTHER NOTICE.

Our next article will be on how to become an officer after joining merchant navy as GP Rating. Join our facebook page for updates.                            

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