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Merchant Navy Cut Off List

The cut off lists for joining Merchant Navy  is various programs are as follows. The last of online counseling has been extended till 26 June 2015.

Important Instructions
Each one of the 21 instructions given below is very important. Candidates are advised go through them carefully. The candidates are solely responsible for the hardship caused / losses sustained by them, if any, owing to their action of not reading the instructions properly.
1.From 2014 onwards, IMU has switched over to Online Counselling so that all the candidates need not come to Chennai physically for the Counselling which, in the past, had caused hardship to candidates.
2.Candidates will be required to choose online, the Programme(s) and also Colleges (IMU Campuses/Affiliated Institutes) that they would like to join.
3.For details of the Programmes offered by IMU Campuses and those Affiliated Institutes which have surrendered seats for Online Counselling (Seat Matrix) - please CLICK HERE.
4.For details of Eligibility Criteria for various Programmes - please CLICK HERE.
5.For details of Fees for various Programmes charged by IMU - please CLICK HERE.
For details of Fees charged by Affiliated Institutes, please visit their website or communicate with them directly.
6.The candidate must first pay a Counselling Fee of Rs.10,000/- (non-refundable) to IMU - in the manner prescribed - before he can choose his Programmes/ Campus online.The students will NOT be required to pay Admission Registration Fee of Rs.10,000/- at the time of admission.(Please also see item No.16)
7.The allotment of candidates to a Programme/College will be done automatically based on (i) rank in the CET, (ii) Category, (iii) choices of Programmes and Colleges, and (iv) the availability of seats. The First List of allotments will be published only after the last date for Online Counselling is over.
8.The Allotment Letter issued will be strictly provisional and subject to verification of the candidate's original documents and his medical fitness.
9.Candidates (whether selected for an IMU Campus or an Affiliated Institute) will be required to report at the designated IMU Campus for (i) verification of original documents, (ii) confirmation of medical fitness and (iii) payment of the Programme Fee (non-refundable) of Rs.25,000/Rs.27,500 (as applicable) to IMU within the time prescribed. After these 3 formalities are completed, the Provisional Allotment Letter will be affixed with a seal with the words “Admission Confirmed” and attested by the designated IMU functionary.
10.The rest of the fees shall be paid at the time of joining the College (IMU Campus / Affiliated Institute) where the candidate got admission.
11.If the candidate does not complete the formalities prescribed in Para 9 above within the time prescribed, then he shall be deemed to be a ‘drop out’ and he shall forgo his seat allotment and forfeit the Counselling Fee. Candidates are therefore advised to strictly adhere to the time limits prescribed.
12.Candidates who have been selected for Affiliated Institutes through the IMU’s Online Counselling and who have completed the formalities prescribed in Para 9 above, shall report before the Affiliated Institute concerned for payment of Tuition fees and other fees not later than 7 days from the last date prescribed for the completion of the formalities prescribed in Para 9 above. If they fail to do so, the Affiliated Institute is at liberty to treat them as ‘drop outs’ and make its own arrangements for filling up the seats with CET-qualified candidates.
13.IMU will draw up a Second List of selected candidates in place of such ‘dropouts’. In the Second List, some of the candidates may get upgraded i.e. they may get a Programme or College or both (as per their order of preference) which they could not get in the First List. The Second List will be confined to candidates selected for IMU Campuses only.
14.If, after his admission is confirmed, the candidate fails to join the College allotted within the time prescribed, the candidate shall forgo his seat allotment and forfeit not only the Counselling Fee but also the Programme Fee already paid. Such a candidate shall also be deemed to be a ‘dropout’.
15.IMU may draw up a Third List of selected candidates for the vacancies arising as a result of dropouts from the Second List or the candidates not joining as per para-14 above.
16.If the candidate’s name does not appear in the First List or Second List or Third List, the Counselling fee of Rs.10,000/- paid by such candidate will be refunded.   But no refund will be given to a candidate whose name appears in any one of the 3 lists even if he does not join the course/college. 
17.Candidates should note that unless they register for Online Counselling and also register with multiple options, they may lose out on their chances of upgradation in the Second List or Third list.
18.A candidate who has already paid programme fees once will not be required to pay it again if he is selected for different course/college in Second List or Third List.
19.IMU reserves the right not to allot candidates to any Programme in any of its Campuses if sufficient number of candidates are not forthcoming to make the running of the Programme in that Campus a viable proposition.
20.The decisions of IMU in respect of Counselling and Admissions shall be final.
21.Legal disputes, if any, pertaining to Counselling and Admission matters shall fall within the jurisdiction of Chennai Courts only.

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